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国际青年艺术展出新2015 at 北京时代美术馆


Beyond the traditional--2015International YouthArt Exhibition

A new, It is to go beyond the traditional. Artists have new ideas, new concepts, In the tradition of art it must be based on innovation and development. Beyond the rules to be able to go beyond the traditional, beyond the traditional to be able go beyond the ordinary, Away from the philistine. Exhibition from the new materials, new media, new ideas to talk about three aspects of the development trend of contemporary art. “ Beyond the traditional--2015 International Youth Art Exhibition ” is to choose a group of young have new ideas and concepts artists, the exhibition will bring everyone a new experience and feelings.

Curator: Ding Xuefeng
Artist: GEORGE HAYASHI, Chen Xi, Chen Weiqun , Chen Yixuan, Dong Wentong, Duan Kaiwen,Huang Liyan, Huang Wenya, Kang Wenfeng, Liu Jin, Liu Wei, Lu Zhengyuan, Ma Lina, Pan Luomin, Peng Xiang, Sun Yuan,Tong Yanrunan, Wang Nanyi , Wang Shuai,Wang Ziyue , Wang Xiaolin,Weijiu Jie, Wu Dengyang , Wu Sijun, Xu He, Zhang Shijun, Zhang Xiangxi , Zhang Yong, Zheng Yuanwu

Organizer: Linzhou City People's Government
Organizer: Linzhou City Department of Cultural Affairs
Co-organizers : 500Art College Boao
Opening time: August 29 4:00 pm,2015
Exhibition Time: August 27- September 1, 2015
Location: Beijing Times Art Museum
Address: F35-37 D Block, CITC Plaza, No.6 Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

出新——2015国际青年艺术展出新,就是超越传统。艺术家要有新思想,新观念,在继承传统艺术的基础上要有创新和发展。出格才能出新,出新才能出彩。展览将从新材料、新媒介、新观念三个方面来谈论当代艺术的发展趋势。 “出新—— 2015 国际青年艺术展”就是选择一批年轻的具有新思想、新观念的艺术家,展览将带给大家全新的体验和感受。策展人:丁雪峰艺术家: GEORGE HAYASHI 、 陈曦、陈卫群、陈艺轩、董文通、段凯文、黄立言、黄文亚、康文峰、刘瑾、刘伟、卢征远、马丽娜、潘罗敏、彭湘、孙源、童雁汝南、王南诒、王帅、王子月、王晓琳、魏久捷、吴登央、吴思骏、徐赫、张世君、张湘溪、张勇、郑元无主办单位:林州市人民政府承办单位:林州市文广新局协办单位:五佰艺博鳌书院开幕时间:2015年8月29日16:00展览时间:2015年8月27日-9月1日展览地点:北京时代美术馆展览地址:北京市朝阳区建国门外大街甲六号中环世贸中心D座36层







会場:Diana原宿 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-8-6 2F

会期:2015年5月28日(木) ~ 6月24日(水) 11:00 ‒ 20:00(最終日24日は17:00まで)



会場:Diana原宿  東京都渋谷区神宮前1-8-6 2F
会期:2015年5月28日(木) ~ 6月24日(水) 11:00 ‒ 20:00(最終日24日は17:00まで) 


GEORGE HAYASHI 画家。 東京生まれ。水墨画家の林素菊の孫。幼少二歳から独学で絵を描き始める。 「NOMAD HEART/自由な心」をスピリットに、野生動物や自然が持つ本能やエネルギー 強さや生き方に影響され表現している。 国内では多くの個展他にNIKE VIP SHOP内の壁画制作や映画のコラボ絵画製作、アパレルや飲料水ブランドとの共同製品が発表されている。 国外ではフランス系上海の美術館にてSalvador Dali展の後に個展をする他、国際交流展や アジア最大級のアートフェア上海に日本代表作家として両国の画廊から参加する。 在上海日本国総領事館本館玄関・会議室前・公邸に作品が飾られ、総領事館から中国政府向け年賀の 絵画を依頼される。またマカオのカジノホテル内の壁画制作している。 海洋保全団体のメンバーとして米国での企画展等を通じて活動をしている。 国内外の画廊や美術館等で作品が取り扱われ、様々な活動を展開している。 神奈川美術協会在籍(現在休会中)

会场地址:Diana原宿 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-8-6 2F
时间:2015年5月28日(周四) ~ 6月24日(周三) 11:00 ‒ 20:00(最后天24日到17:00为止) 
GEORGE HAYASHI 画家。 東京生出生。水墨画家林素菊的嫡孙。自幼2岁开始自学绘画。 作品深受野生动物和大自然,那能量满溢的原始本能和强大生命力的影响。并以“NOMAD HEART——自由的心”为题持续着他的创作活动。
在国内开展过多个个展和其他比如NIKE VIP SHOP内壁画制作、电影合作絵画制作、影集、饮用水品牌合作等。 在国外法系上海美术馆Salvador Dali展后开了个展,参加过国際交流展和在上海举办的亚洲最大級艺术画展上作为日本两国的画廊代表参加。 作品也在上海日本国总领事馆本馆的玄関・会议室前・公邸作为装饰、也受日本总领事馆依托制作绘画贺年卡,作为向中国政府祝贺用年贺卡。还有也在澳门赌场酒店内制作壁画。 作为海洋保全团体的成员之一,参加美国的企画展活动。 作品也在国内外画廊,美术馆等展出和保存、开展各式艺术活动。 现为神奈川县美术协会在册会员。(現在休会中)

チェリオ ライフガードX

ライフガードやGEORGE HAYASHI COLAでおなじみの飲料水ブランド 「チェリオ」から新商品のエナジードリンク「ライフガード エックス」が本日より全国のコンビニで発売されました。
僕は広告用の原画を描かせて頂きました。全国のコンサートホール等で配布されてるディスクガレージDI:GAの裏表紙にもなっているのでチェックしてみてくださーい☆ ライフガードエックス飲んで作品作り頑張りま〜す!

GROUP EXHIBITION - EROTICISM - at Shun Art Gallery M50 Shanghai

上海M50の熏依社画廊(Shun art galley)にて開催されるグループ展 EROTICISMに参加します。期間中上海にいらっしゃる方是非ご観覧ください☆ 3/30まで

Duration : Mar.1, 2014(Sat) - Mar.30, 2014(Sun.)10:00-18:00
Opening : 2014.3/1(Sat) 16:00-19:00
Artists:Daza Alvaro (Colombia) , Jeffrey Hessing (USA) , George Hayashi (Japan) , Aiko Sumi (Japan)
Venue:Shun Art Gallery 
Rm103/208, Building 3, No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Tel/Fax:8621 5252 7198

The artistic conception of borrowing color

Borrowing scenery in architecture means the mountains and rivers skillfully used in the design of gardens, make gardens more elegant and graceful. The cases of representative such as Adachi Museum of Art in Japan which borrows Katsuyama as scenery, the Xuan palace garden borrows scenery from Hikone Castle. People are having tea while viewing the scenery on hundreds of gardens of Kyoto temple, on the spring season that full of cherry blossoms, it is the reflection of street scenery in real life.

“Borrowing color” is a phrase that I created from borrowing scenery. On March of this spring, we invited four artists nationwide to hold the first exhibition after the festival, including American artist Jeffrey Hessing, Columbian artist Daza Alvaro, Japanese artists George Hayashi and Aiko Sumi. Each of us has hidden a personal “se”, there are different explanations of this word, such as color, functional or character and so on. These four artists’ works either hidden or exposed their personal eroticism, and by borrowing that, adding new color and artistic conception for our exhibit space.

American artist Jeffrey Hessing lives in Nice, south of France. He stayed there once because of the residence project and fell in love with it; therefore he lives there until now. There are the bright colors of sunshine on Nice; casual elegant on the seaside, and the story that involving people’s private yet openly in different seasons in his works. Shadows of trees are telling you those stories happened here or are going to happen. Jeffrey’s paintings both visual and abstract, as a viewer, if you had nothing to worry, then you must see the visual images; but if you had something on your mind, you will see the hand that others can’t see which is abstract, depression and lingering.

The works of Columbian artist Daza Alvaro contain paintings and sculptures; we are showcasing his paintings for the exhibition. It’s not hard to see that he pours his unruly enthusiasm into the works, makes them gorgeous and steaming hot, which also makes me can’t look directly to those paintings. Just like heart-splash when hero sees a beauty, the multifaceted of an artist, who expresses different temperament; joy; anger and dirge in varieties of works and time periods.

There are many animals in Japanese artist George Hayashi’s works; those colorful animals are the portrait of artist. The sun hides his inner sensitive and melancholy, but if you could discover his melancholy, means you are acute and sentimental at this moment. The freedom on paintings’ composition refer to artist’s restless heart, he’s ready to go to a strange place with a backpack.

Work of young Aiko Sumi is conceptual photography. Every girl that standing in front of the electric pole was tied to a pillar by a red thread, does red thread means fate? If so, there’s a phrase “move it!” on the electric pole, which is imperative in Japanese. The power of red thread that tied women up is actually very easy to break, but we are deeply rooted in the idea of traditional concept and the bound from society. What’s the bound of society for girls who are 18-year-old to 32-year-old? The electric pole is a representative of social system, without it, we can’t have the cultural enjoyment on the night; also, the fixed position and “move it” becomes an antisense. Does it cost you a lot because of fighting with destiny or habit? Making us hesitate; atrophy and fear. Where is the loss of courage then? 

The exhibition is here, where are you?


Hourse year group exhibition

中国中央美術学院・清華美術学院 の教員、中国芸術家20数名による馬の優秀作品展に僕の作品が三点参加させて頂いてます。今月20日まで杰??画廊(上海)にて開催中。

NEW iPhone case

Phocaseより発売されているGEORGE HAYASHI iPhone caseの新作登場です☆


The Bund Shanghai and Me feature of Huangpu Newspaper.

The Bund Shanghai and Me feature of Huangpu Newspaper.