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PANLUOMIN VS GEORGE HAYASHI exhibition at M50 Shanghai

周二到周日10:00-18:00  電話:15921157725
展览地点:M50 上海莫干山路50号3号楼  
Artist: George Hayashi 、Pan Luomin 
Producer:Wang Ranzhi Curator: Lin Zhenglu  
EXHIBITION: Nov.2th - Nov.17th,2013 
VENUE:Shanghai 523 ArtZone,M50 
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 tel:15921157725

GEORGE HAYASHI 画家。1978年東京生まれ。水墨画家の林素菊の孫。生後二歳から独学で絵を描き始める。
「NOMAD HEART/自由な心」をスピリットに、野生動物や自然の持つ本能やエネルギー・強さや生き方に影響され続け、表現し活動をしている。日本国内では数多くの展示会の他に、尚玄・宮崎あおい主演映画「ハブと拳骨」のコラボ絵画製作や、アパレルブランド「JOURNALSTANDARD」と飲料水メーカー「チェリオジャパン」のコラボ製品等も発表されている。日本国外では上海のフランス系美術館にてSalvador Dalí展の後に個展を開催する。在上海日本国総領事館の玄関に作品が飾られる他、新年カードのデザインや絵画を製作。マカオのカジノホテル「FORTUNA」内の壁画も制作している。デザイナーPaul Smith本人より作品に深く関心を持っているという手紙を頂く。鮫の保護と海洋保全団体「Pangeaseed」のメンバーに参加。現在は日本国内外のギャラリーや美術館、ホテルやレストラン等で作品が取り扱われ、東京・上海・NYを拠点に様々な国へ活動を展開している。神奈川美術協会在籍 

George Hayashi, the Tokyo painter who was born in 1978, he is the grandson of Sokiku Hayashi. who was known as the master of wash painting. George Hayashi picked up painting when he was two. Inspired by the energetic instinct and thriving vitality radiated from wild animals and the grand nature, George Hayashi carried on with his painting journey named as NOMAD HEAT. Besides several of his domestic exhibitions, he also painted for the movie <Bloody snake under the sun> starred by shangxuan and gongqikui, you can also find his works on some apparel brand named Journal Standard and with Japanese beverage producer name CHEERIO in product design. George Hayashi launched his personal exhibition right after the Shanghai Salvador Dali Exhibition, you can also find his paintings as decorations inside the hallway of Japanese Consul, While the George Hayashi made New Year card for the Consul was also highly appreciated. Together with his mural paintings for FORTUNA hotel MACAU, George Hayashi’s masterpieces were highly commented by famous designer Paul Smith. Besides his artistic achievements, George Hayashi also contributes himself to some public good, Joining in some ocean protection organization called Pangeaseed, sparing no efforts to protect sharks. Now we can find his masterpieces glittering in many art galleries; supreme hotels and some restaurants both inside and outside of Japan. As the privileged member of Kanagawa Art Association, George Hayashi is now planning and launching his personal exhibitions across nations, situated mainly in Tokyo, Shanghai and New York.


潘罗敏,男,汉族,1981年1月生,温州市人,上海523艺术中心艺术家,艺术家画廊艺术总监,主要从事当代架上艺术创作,以及艺术展览策划工作。从小学习艺术,师从国艺术大师Burkhard Held先生,先后获得西安美术学院油画系学士和国柏林艺术大学美术学院硕士学位。考察游历过欧洲各大美术馆和博物馆,对西方绘画脉络有深入的了解,并在西方当代架上绘画表达方面有深入的研究。此外,在小学、大学做过美术教员,热爱美术教育事业。独具风格的作品深受欧洲、江浙沪地区、尤其温州的私人藏家的青睐。
PanLuomin Born in 1981 in ZhejiangChina Gender:Male 
Education 2008-11   The Berlin University of the Arts 2003-07   Xi`an Academy of Fine Arts